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Robert Randa
President and CEO
Browse3D Corporation

Browse3D Launches Version 2.0 of Next Generation Browser

Chantilly, VA - August 4, 2003 - Browse3D Corporation announces the release of Version 2.0 of the Browse3D Browser with new features that make Web navigation easier and more efficient by utilizing multiple visible browsers within a single user interface.

The Browse3D Browser provides a visual and more productive way to find, organize, save and share Web based content using a patented 3-walled room design and multiple browser engines. Users can see where they are going and where they've been visually. The three-walled-room design displays the users current Web page on the center wall, multiple Web page links from that page on the right wall, and a graphical history of the browsing session on the left wall. The Browse3D advantage is visual, users simply pan the room, zoom on Web pages or flip a wall to see more Web pages all within the Browse3D scene.

The new Version 2.0 of the Browse3D Browser offers the user many navigation and handling improvements as well these exciting advancements:

  • Dramatic overall performance improvements 
  • Multiple active or live Web pages on each of the three Browse3D walls
  • Cut and Paste functionality available from any page
  • Streamlined install process
  • Advanced Anti-Pop-Up features allow pop-ups to be loaded and viewed without interrupting the user's browsing
  • Improved address box functionality
  • "Tip of the Day" simplifies program use
  • More helpful user interface options
  • Auto complete feature now available on any Web page forms

Minimum system requirements are Windows 95, 98, ME, XP or 2000; Microsoft Internet Explorer ("IE") version 5.5 or higher and Microsoft Direct X Version 7.0 or higher.

Browse3D was born out of frustration with browsing the web in a single window. The beta version of this desktop product debuted at COMDEX in November 2001 where it was named "Best Internet Software." The browser uses reverse-plug-in technology and enhances the features of Microsoft's Internet Explorer to transform a standard two-dimensional browser into a highly functional multi-browser tool. Designed for Web users either at work or at home, the product facilitates Web-based information on more than one page at a time, especially on sites with lists of links like search engines, auction sites and news sites. Specific examples of users who benefit greatly from the Browse3D Browser include researchers, analysts, attorneys, and individuals who often need more than one browser window open at a time.

Planned enhancements for future versions of the Browse3D Browser include the ability to incorporate Microsoft Word and Excel documents into the 3D scene and to provide features to improve the simultaneous use of multiple Web-based applications within Browse3D.

The Browse3D Browser Version 2.0 is available now for $29.95 at www.browse3d.com.

Based in Chantilly, Virginia, Browse3D Corporation is a software company building visual tools to improve Web productivity. Browse3D Corporation was founded in 2000 with funding from In-Q-Tel, a private venture capital firm funded by the Central Intelligence Agency. For more information please visit their Website at www.browse3d.com, write them at 5721 Brewer House Circle, Suite 300, Rockville, MD 20852. 

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Why Use Browse3D? Browse3D is excellent when using sites with lists like Google or eBay.  Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on as many links as you'd like.  Those Web pages are loaded to the Browse3D right wall for immediate access while you continue to have full use of the center wall Web page.  Browse3D also blocks annoying pop-ups and provides a complete visual history of where you've been on the left wall.

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