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Desktop Product First Major Improvement in Browser Technology in Years

Chantilly, VA – January 22, 2002 – Browse3D Corporation (www.browse3d.com), a developer of products for finding, organizing, saving, and exchanging Web-based content, announces the availability of the Browse3D Browser. The beta version of this desktop product debuted at COMDEX in November 2001 where it was named “Best Internet Software” and generated interest from thousands of potential customers. The browser uses reverse-plug-in™ technology to transform a standard two-dimensional browser into a highly functional three-dimensional tool.

The Browse3D Browser allows users to:

  • View up to 16 Web pages at one time and then 16 more with the click of the mouse
  • View their entire back history visually
  • Select a page from the back history and return there instantly (even if they were there 20 Web pages ago)
  • Select links and fetch new Web pages without interrupting the current page view
  • Speed up Web searches by pre-fetching user-selected Web pages from the search list
  • Save multiple active and static pages by making them “sticky” to create rooms of current research
  • Save rooms containing many Web pages into one compact file that can be shared with colleagues
  • Eliminate pop-up windows
  • Compare multiple items from different Web sites in one view while shopping
  • Save and track multiple auction items as they progress through the sale process
“The Browse3D Browser is a real break-through product to both simplify and speed searches,” said Dr. Bert Biles, who serves as a “technology scout” for Kansas State University.  Dr. Biles saw the product at COMDEX and is now enthusiastically using the browser.  “The ability to capture and save selected Web pages, groups of Web pages, and complete visual navigational paths through the Internet helps make searches more effective and provides a valuable tool for organizing and sharing Internet-based research.”

Browse3D integrates with a standard browser to offer a three-walled display of any Web site.  The center wall is the current active page.  The right wall displays thumbnail images of forward links from the active page and the left wall shows thumbnail images of backward links.  By providing these thumbnail views, users can see at a glance where they are, where they are going, and where they have been.  The ability to “stick” these pages in a room and refer back to them saves endless searching and back clicks.

Browse3D Releases Next Generation Browser/Page 2

Designed for Web users either at work or at home, the product facilitates finding, organizing, comparing, saving, and exchanging Web-based information.  Specific examples of users who will benefit greatly from the Browse3D Browser include researchers, analysts, attorneys, and individuals doing corporate or educational data gathering via the Internet or intranets.  The tool also speeds Web browsing, even on slower modems, by pre-fetching Web pages selected by the user, creating a much more efficient way to use today’s popular search engines.  As a shopping tool, the Browse3D Browser lets users compare multiple items from different Web sites in one view, or save and track multiple auction items as they progress through the sale process.

“The reaction the product garnered at COMDEX convinced me that lots of people share my frustration of clicking the ‘back’ button to find a page,” said Dave Shuping, President and CEO of Browse3D.  “We built this product to increase Internet productivity and the concept seems to be catching on.  One television station that saw a demonstration reported that ‘Browse3D is to surfing the web, what a Ferrari is to driving.’  We want to help people speed around the Web easily and eliminate going in reverse or creeping along.”

Pricing and Availability

The Browse3D Browser is currently available for $29.95 at www.browse3d.com. A free trial version is also available at the site. For information regarding quantity discount schedules, corporate site licenses and government licenses, call 301-881-7374.

About Browse3D Corporation

Based in Chantilly, VA, Browse3D is a software company developing products for quickly finding, organizing, saving and exchanging Web-based content.  Founded in 2000 with funding from a private not-for-profit “venture catalyst” chartered by the U.S. Intelligence Community, the Browse3D Browser allows users to find and view multiple Web pages simultaneously in a three-dimensional desktop environment.  Users can organize Web content while browsing, save rooms of information, and exchange these rooms with colleagues and friends.  The product also gives Web site designers the ability to present users with multiple prioritized Web pages, all simultaneously viewable on a standard computer screen.  For more information visit www.browse3d.com or call 301-881-7374.

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Why Use Browse3D? Browse3D is excellent when using sites with lists like Google or eBay.  Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on as many links as you'd like.  Those Web pages are loaded to the Browse3D right wall for immediate access while you continue to have full use of the center wall Web page.  Browse3D also blocks annoying pop-ups and provides a complete visual history of where you've been on the left wall.

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